You can rely on Tan-Atsu Industries Co., Ltd., for hot forging, cold forging and precision machining work



For over 50 years since the founding of Tan-Atsu Industries Co., Ltd. in 1956, we have focused solely on forging and have contributed to the broader society by supplying material parts to customers in various industrial fields, including agricultural equipment and construction.


We have created a continuous system that ranges from forging materials to processing by joining forces with other companies in our group, and we continue to receive high praise from our customers to this day.
The employees and I are all determined to continue to improve our unique production and management technologies that we have accumulated through these 50-plus years, so as to increase the trust of our customers.


I deeply thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement.


Hideo KAGAMI, President

Tan-Astu Industries Co., Ltd.