You can rely on Tan-Atsu Industries Co., Ltd., for hot forging, cold forging and precision machining work



Forged products

Based on hot- and cold-forging technology, our line of products ranges from small engine parts to irregular-shaped parts for special vehicles and a variety of industrial parts.
Electric upsetting machines allow for localized heating and forging of between 3 and 45 mm of diameter, allowing almost any materials, excluding aluminum, copper, and brass, to be hot forged. We can promptly and adequately respond to your request, beginning from material selection, through forging method, heat treatment, and quality management (tests), to delivery management.




Machined products

Our high technical skills are combined with numerically controlled lathes, machining centers, numerically controlled milling machines, etc., to produce products that meet all your needs. We can handle a wide range of materials, including copper, stainless steel materials in general, steel, aluminum, and brass.




Parts for cast-in-place piles

We handle a wide variety of processed products, beginning from sheet products with a thickness of 0.01 mm to cast products and die-cast products. With our development experience and network of affiliated and cooperating processing companies, we are also capable of producing products that are small in quantity but wide in variety, and complexly shaped products.
We always strive to meet your needs through our continuous search for the best processing method depending on the shape of rubber and resin, the quality of the material, volume, and other conditions.